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Audiomerics Analyser

The Audiomerics Audio Analyser is an app for professional real time audio analysis on the iPad. With an external audio interface (USB Class Compliant) it gives a highly flexible, cost-effective audio monitoring system.

The app is designed as a stand-alone analyzer for evaluating the signals at the input channels of the audio interface. 

Various licensing options (subscriptions) give unrestricted access to the functions. Free use is limited in terms of time and functionality.

Key Features

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- highly optimized algorithms allow analysing many channels with low CPU-load
- high frame rate (60fps)
- input selection individual for each instrument
- control of all audio settings
- background-operation for long term analysis and glitch-free task switch
- status field showing missed buffers and CPU-load

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User Interface

- flexible layout to arrange up to 4 instruments
- many options to adjust look and behavior to your use case
- you can save presets on instrument level and as full workspace
- touch left or right edge to open menu-overlay

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First Steps

- touch left or right edge to open menu-overlay (comes up in associated instrument)
- separation lines can be draged with one finger, swap instruments using two fingers
- double tap resets hold values
- setup the audio interface
- chose a layout or a factory preset
- save your settings as workspace or instrument settings
- read the included help book for detailed information

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